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Is Shopify Good for Small Businesses - RK Software Solutions
July 23, 2024

Is Shopify Good for Small Businesses?

Shopify is the dominant eCommerce platform that lets you easily set up an online store. Shopify is a fully-fledged cloud-based eCommerce platform that all small businesses can use. Shopify can be accessed from any internet-connected device around the globe. Shopify provides inventory, products, payments, and shipment management all in one place. The worth of Shopify has grown significantly. It is now worth more than eBay. Shopify hosts around 4 million live websites worldwide, and 2.05% of those are the top 1 million. Shopify already generated around half a trillion dollars in 2022. So, is Shopify Good for Small Businesses? Let us find out.

Working Model of Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that can be accessed through any device. Shopify provides multiple customization options to choose from. It allows the business to customize theirs as per their customization capability. Shopify has many customizations that can be useful for creating an interface according to the necessity of the merchant. As Shopify provides a free trial, the business owner can try the features and customizations that Shopify provides.

Benefits of Using Shopify for Small Businesses

Huge Market Size

The reason behind the success of Shopify is the huge market size. The total traffic of active retailers is about 350,000, and approximately 5000 join every month. And the growth rate is 8o% of revenue annually.

Easy to Use

To use Shopify, you do not have to learn any extra skills. It is a drag-and-drop service provider that lets you create your eCommerce business shop effortlessly. Shopify handles the security, provides hosting services, runs independent servers for each business, and software updates.

Feature Rich and Versatile Tools

Shopify provides a ton of features for free and some at the most affordable prices compared to the market. You can modify the color palette and typography that suits and fits your business. Some of the most preferred functionalities are available on Shopify at a very reasonable price. Multiple payment processors, hosting and data safety, thousands of plug-ins, cloud-based access, and detailed Shopify admin access.

Reliable Client Support

Shopify provides 24/7 client support for businesses stuck at any point. Shopify has a full-fledged support team available round-the-clock. A business can contact the support team via phone, email, virtual answering service (VAS), and live chat. Shopify has four toll-free trunk lines for different regions around the world.


Shopify provides your business with the best-in-class security protection to keep customers happy. Security is important for any business, but for a small business, it is very important. Shopify provides secure server connections, fraud prevention, checkout processing options, two-factor authentication, fraud screening, and secure on-site payments.

Marketing Tools

Shopify provides many marketing tools to grow your business and make it profitable. Each tool is designed to attract customers and catch their attention. Some key marketing tools Shopify provides include custom gift cards, discount codes and coupons, google ads, Facebook ads, email marketing, social network integration, and product reviews.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Benefits

Shopify is built on a platform that helps to build a well-optimized website for search engines. This increases the visibility towards customers and will eventually increase sales. Shopify also supports mobile browsers, which can lead to many sales through smartphones. So, optimization increases the chances of your website being visible to the customers and standing out against the competitors.


Shopify for small businesses can be an all-in-one platform that provides you the tools to build your website and customizations for enhancing your website using a drag-and-drop customization tool. With discounted rates compared to the competition and app integration capacity, Shopify can provide more exposure to customers with SEO capabilities. We can say Shopify is the ideal stop for small businesses and existing businesses.


Shopify has all the tools required to start a small eCommerce business. Let it be the tools to build your customized website or the SEO capabilities to provide you a lead from the competition. With Shopify, the business can grow even faster and more efficiently. At RK Software Solutions, we provide Shopify development services that can help you build your small eCommerce business and be a unicorn. If you have any queries contact us for a free consultation.

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