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May 19, 2024

6 Exclusive Benefits of Custom Website Design

In the modern era, a website is a must for any business. Websites can boost your business and reach out to more potential customers. The website eliminates the geographical border and gives you access beyond the seas. Having a custom website gives you access to make changes and modify them accordingly. Let us look at some more benefits of having a custom website design.

Benefits of Custom Website Design for Your Business

1. Custom Website Design Creates Uniqueness

Apart from using templates, having a custom-built website design may cost you some extra dollars, but it is worth the expense. A custom-built website has your color scheme, logo, and branding vision. It does not have any restrictions on functionality. A custom-built website gives access to control all your website functions. Having all these access results in an original and unique website with its own identity. A custom website is developed based on the requirement of a business. That compensates for the success of your business.

2. SEO-Optimized Custom Website

Implementing a site architecture for the mobile-friendly user and inserting internal links for a better user experience. The custom-built website allows better site architecture, enabling better SEO that boosts your site’s ranking on search engines. Some ways by which the custom sites get a boost include page URLs, tags, metadata, and site content to incorporate with relevant keywords.

3. Speed of the Custom Website

The website loading time is crucial for any business. It has the potential to acquire or lose customers. The speed of the website depends on the bloatware contained in your website. This could affect the performance and makes your website load slower than usual. Since most mobile devices are connected to broadband or mobile data, the customer wants to load the page within 2 to 3 seconds. If it takes more than that, then there is a chance that the customer will abandon the website. According to Google, 50% of websites are abandoned by customers due to their higher loading time. A custom-built website allows you to completely avoid unwanted functionality and bloatware to speed up the loading time of your custom-built website.

4. Flexibility and Scalability of Custom Website

Custom-built websites allow adding and customizing features that cannot be done through website-building platforms. The custom-built website grows as the business grows, and it is flexible to add new features and products to the online platform. The scalability of custom-built platforms grows with the requirement of the business owner. They have access to build it accordingly and make changes at will. The custom-built website supports business development with scalability and flexibility from ground zero.

5. Security of the Custom Website

Security plays an important role in the Custom-built website. The data of the customer and the payment gateway are prone to get affected by data leakage. So, good security implemented with the website is essential. Google warns users when they enter any information on any hosted page without SSL installed. Custom-built websites without SSL integration can be open and prone to vulnerabilities affecting your platform. A custom website building platform should always develop the website by integrating SSL. This will eliminate the risk factor. And custom website should be built on open-source programming languages like python, PHP, Ruby, Etc. But the source code should not be released to the public. This eliminated the risk of a breach of your website. The only way to find vulnerabilities is by continuous testing, which can consume time but is worth the hard work.

6. Better User Experience (UX) on Custom Website

A study shows that about 50% of visitors toggle around your website’s navigation menu, and 36% click on the logo to return to the homepage. 44% of users need help navigating through a website. All these experiences negatively impact the user’s mind and can be solved only with a custom-built website. A custom-built website is made after thorough testing and is launched after it is customer ready. The UX of the custom-built website enables users to navigate through the pages smoothly. A study shows that 95% of users agree that a custom-built website provides a good experience and makes sense.


A custom-built website provides the smoothest experience to the users. It has access from top to bottom, from the UX to the security. It has the potential to provide a great experience to the user for great navigation on their website. RK Software Solutions has experience building custom website designing and eCommerce solutions. Our highly skilled team has the solutions for all your custom website design needs. Contact us or call us for a free consultation.

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