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How to Setup a Facebook Store in Less than 30 Mins - RK Software Solutions
June 19, 2024

How to Setup a Facebook Store in Less than 30 Mins?

Facebook is a vast social media networking site with over ‘2 billion monthly active users’, and this number is adding up day by day. The majority of the audience are mobile users and come from different regions and verticals.

Why do you need to set up a facebook store online?

As the number of active users is rising, you can showcase your products in front of many potential customers which may convert easily. Facebook will serve you as an additional platform to sell or advertise your products to a broader customer base for free.

Facebook Store Setup

Let’s find out the sequence of steps to follow to create a Facebook store.

1. Add A New Section on your Facebook Page

Navigate to your Facebook page and go to the timeline. Click on the button called Add a Shop Section. You can see the icon just above the cover page. A popup window comes for the confirmation of the shop creation. You can proceed further after accepting the terms and conditions.

2. Setting up the Shop Details

After the first step of adding a shop section, another popup toggles asking about the business details. If you are entering a business email, then check the box that tells that this mail is used for customer service inquiries. By doing this, you can get emails directly from the customers. Enter the details like Address, city and other information and click on submit button to proceed.

3. Payments Configuration

You have two options for receiving payments from the customers. You can use the facebook page for accepting the payments or redirect the page to your online store for processing the payments. If you have selected the option of payments through Facebook, then you have to fill in some details. The second option enables you to use 3rd party payment platforms like Paypal to pay you.

4. Finishing the Setup

After the payment option is configured, you will be redirected to the primary page where you have started. Here you can fill up the remaining business details. You have still not anything to sell, but you have just finished the shop set up and ready to accept payments in the future.

5. How To Add Products to Facebook Page/Store

Now that your Facebook store is ready, you are prepared to sell the products. Before that, you have to add the products to the store. Concentrate on the products that most of the customers are looking for and ready to buy. For adding products click on the shop tab on your Facebook Business page. You get pop up box that asks you to add the products. Click on the ‘Add product’ link to proceed further and add the images. If there are variants present in your product, then you can add the variants by clicking on the ‘Add variants’ links to configure the variants of the product. You can also add the details regarding the shipping methods, pricing, and other information you like to mention.

6. Managing the Products

Once all the products are added, you can see that all of them are placed in a list. It is easy for you to click and modify the details of each product. It is also comfortable for you to manage the inventory of all the products and remove them when you are out of stock. Always keep an eye on the Facebook store and page to ensure that you have substantial inventory every time.

Setting Up the Facebook Store With Shopify

On Facebook, you have the option of selling your products using Shopify, which is a fastest growing ecommerce platforms in the world. To create a Facebook store in Shopify, you have to add the free Facebook app to your Shopify online store. This app will automatically create a store for your page and include all the products.


Selling products using Facebook Store is not that difficult or require a lot of technical knowledge as the shop feature is included for all the facebook pages that are created. There are many existing eCommerce platforms like Shopify that are integrating with Facebook to make your business more easier. Once your online store is doing well you can focus on the facebook store to increase your business and also there are paid options available on Facebook that help you to increase the sales.

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