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April 22, 2024

How to Choose a Good Name for Your Online Store?

What is in the Name?

Choosing the right name for your online store is very crucial to becoming successful. The correct name can earn a valuable brand image, and the wrong name can lose your money and sales in the form of losing customers. The choice of name is very incredibly important in the case of eCommerce business.

Here are some of the tips that help you in choosing a catchy name and help you in setting up a business that stands out from your competitors.

1. Keep the Name Short and Simple

Short names are easy to memorize and can be remembered and pronounced easily. Short names also have the advantage of fitting easily in the header of your online store homepage. Finding a name with the above qualities can be very challenging as there are many brands introduced every day. If you have a creative mind, it is not hard for you to create a good name for your brand.

Here are some of the strategies for selecting a name:

  • Use the combination of small names.
  • Form a new word, or you can jerk an existing one that need not be real.
  • Use personal pet names or other names associated with your family or a place.

2. Choose a Unique Name

You should conduct market research and find out the names of your competitors. Your name should be unique from your competitors. The name should be reflecting the products you are selling. Try to avoid the common words like technologies, communications, electronics, and future. Choose words that are not regular.

3. Make Sure the Domain is Available

Once you have chosen the name, it is time for you to check for the domain availability. Most probably you have to select the .com domain, but it is a bit difficult to get the desired one for your company. Having a custom domain name for your business is crucial, and even if you do not get the desired one, you can make small changes to get the name that suits your brand.

4. Check the Legalities

Once you have chosen the name for your store, verify that the name can be used legally or not. Check with the Patent and Trademark Office to check out if the name is registered or yet to be registered. Once you have taken a name, search for it on the search engines like Google and see what names are shown up. Analyze if you could make it to the top of the list. The use of generic names will make your work tougher while ranking on Google.

5. Don’t Copy or Sound Like Your Competitor’s Name

After you have performed the business analysis, you might have come across the names of your competitors. Be sure that the name you have chosen is not very close to your competitors. As your competitors are having much more experience than you and if you chose a name similar to them there is a chance of getting confused. So be careful in choosing a name that is unique from your competitors.

6. Choose a Name that can be Used Everywhere

As of now, social websites are becoming very popular, and you have to be active on social media also. So your company name should be suitable and usable for all the social media sites. The same name should be used for the online stores, like your business name, and display name on social media.

7. Avoid the Use of Special Characters

Characters like &, $, %, etc. are not allowed in the domain names as the URLs use the characters for special functions. If you are using the special characters in your name, then you have to replace them with words like the dollar, percent, etc. But it is better to avoid these characters as they are tough to pronounce.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Consider picking a name that is relevant to your business niche. Choosing the right name for your online store is a tedious task. But a unique, bright, and invented word can promote and protect your brand in the long run. A good name also helps in creating tons of word-of-mouth marketing for absolutely free.

Now that you got an idea of picking your eCommerce business name, walk through the next important step of building your online store. Consult RK Software Solutions a one-stop E-commerce agency serving clients across the world ranging from startups to enterprises to develop your robust e-Commerce store today. Call us at +1 (917) 745- 8048 to Schedule a Free Demo.

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