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May 19, 2024

10 Ways to Write Compelling eCommerce Product Descriptions

An eCommerce product description is a simple way of explaining what a product is and why is it worth purchasing. You have to give the general information about the product to the customers who are getting ready to buy the product. The benefits of the product also have to be detailed in the description and make sure that the customer buys the product.

Let us know about the 10 simple ways of writing a compelling description that persuades the customer to buy the product.

1. Think in the Journalist Way

A journalist analyzes the situation and gets the facts by asking questions like who, what, where, when, why, and how. In the same way, you too can ask yourself the questions for crafting the product description.

  • Know your target audience for the product – Whom you are selling?
  • Include details like dimensions, features, functions and material details. – What is the necessary information about the product?
  • Indoors or Outdoors – Where is the product mainly used?
  • Know When is the product mostly used? – Specific period or used regularly?
  • Explain benefits – Why your product is more profitable than the competitor product.
  • How does the product work? Write notes about how a product works if it needs.
  • The answers to these questions will get you the accurate description of the product.

2. Know the Best Format for the Description

Most of the eCommerce website use bullet points to describe a product. A series of points are framed as a list so that they can be easily read and understood. But sometimes these points do not impress the customers, and if the description is in paragraph model, most of the data is not read. This is your opportunity to create a more interesting way of describing the products. Explaining the products in a voice will be more effective as it would be unique and also easy for the customer to understand. Most of the search engines also look for exclusive content, and if your description is unique, then you can be at the top in search.

3. Make the Descriptions Short and Sweet

Take some examples of description that are very short but very effective. You can use the combination of bullet points and paragraphs for detailing the products. The product description has to be precise and convey the important matter only.

4. Take a Chance of Boasting About the Product

Many of the stores make a step further and boast about the product. Do not think that it would create a negative image. Include the details like how your product is differentiated from others, what are the tests conducted on it, and is it handcrafted? Highlight the features like why your products beat the others in the competition. If the product is a technical one, then you need to include all the technical details like specifications.

5. Try To Be Unique

Every product is unique, and so the description should also be unique. Pull out the description that is most appealing to most of the customers and give only the relevant data.

6. Avoid Being Generic

Most of the description is filled with stock phrases like “Excellent Quality.” Customers often get bored when they see these type of sentences as all the products have the same phrases. Write down the descriptions when your mind is fresh and avoid the boring phrases. You can always use the internet writing tools to get more ideas when your mind is struck without ideas.

7. Use a Short Story

You can include short stories about the product to make the description more interesting. Include case studies of some customers who used the products and got benefited.

8. Include Social Proofs

Include the social reviews from the previous customers who have purchased your products. Most of the eCommerce stores include the reviews so that the customers can make a judgment about the product. The reviews from the customers will also help in generating sales for the company.

9. Keep SEO in Mind

Do not forget the SEO practices while writing the product descriptions. Include the keywords, optimize your image taglines and properly format the text for mobile and web browsers.

10. Don’t Forget Your Brand

The description of the product can be very dynamic and lure the customers to buy the product, but make sure that descriptions always match with the branding and styling of your eCommerce store. Make sure that the content style aligns with the style of your business, and the voice tone also matches the tone of the store. Ensure that there are no grammar mistakes and use tools like Grammarly to check grammar.


eCommerce product descriptions play a crucial role to showcase your product both before the user and the search engines. Know your audience and product, use short stories to write descriptions that sell. If you are looking to build or optimize your online store contact RK Software Solutions a full-service eCommerce agency serving clients across the United States, UK, Canada, and India. Call us now at +1 (917) 745 8048 to discuss your project and schedule a free demo.

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