Waterfall Software Development

Waterfall model referred to as a linear sequential model requires a trailing phase to be completed to initiate the next stage to ensure no two phases overlap with each other.

This method of software development is more efficient for projects with limited scope or duration. Unlike agile processes, in a waterfall model, all the requirements both functional and non-functional are predefined before initiating the coding.

Our well-defined, collaborative model combined with years of experience in Software development ensures us to deliver your product within the specified budget, schedule without comprising on quality.

Waterfall Stages

Every project under the waterfall model undergoes the following four stages.

Why Waterfall Model?

  • Acts best for uncomplicated projects: Waterfall model is a great option for short-term projects when implemented technology and system requirements are both well-known.
  • Simple to understand and manage: The well-defined deliverables connected with the specific milestones makes the process of scheduling and resourcing smooth.
  • Better budget control. The linear approach to project developments assists to stay on a budget which is significant for any projects.
  • Comprehensive documentation:The Deliverables produced during the Elaboration phase effectively promote product customization, enhancement, and maintenance easy.

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