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We’re a full-service digital commerce agency dedicated to enterprise brands, manufacturers and distributors in both B2B and B2C end-to-end implementations, assisting in strategic planning, design, website development, complex system integration and post-launch maintenance.

Ecommerce Design

Our highly passionate team crafts the unique, mobile friendly and fully functional eCommerce theme that yields a fabulous design. Our web designers have over a decade of experience in crafting eCommerce websites. We apply our innovation while following the latest design trends to deliver you an enticing online store which converts well and promotes your sales.

Product Management

For any online store, product pages enriched with high-quality images and descriptions are the key to showcase your valuable products. These days people give more attention to researching before they buy a product online. Our user-friendly product management dashboards make it simple to add, delete and update your product information quickly. Consequently, you can improve your productivity by spending more time on your eCommerce business than its operations.

Related Products

Showing users related products that compliment or are like the product they are viewing is a great way to increase your bottom line. This can influence users to spend more time and money on your website. Furthermore, implementing a social media share feature on your product pages is a great way to get products that are relevant to an audience’s interests on their radar for the first time.

Product Filtering

Allowing your users to customize their eCommerce experience by giving them the ability to filter through your category pages based on price, popularity, and more, is an essential tool for any website to have. Customers don’t enjoy clicking through endless pages of products, so having a “View All” option is a way to make things easier. To help customers that are interested in a product on a category page, use a quick preview feature for them to make their choices without having to click through to the full product page.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

When a visitor adds an item to their shopping cart, make sure to display the cart on the page in a small window that dynamically populates with the product(s) the customer is adding. This way the user experience is straightforward, and the customer is assured that their goods have been added to the cart. Sometimes, visitors may add several items to their shopping cart without having the intention of actually completing their purchase. Rather than forcing your customers to make the choice between deleting a product from your cart or buying it, allow them to save it for later.

Customer Management

Providing an appealing and personalized shopping experience for each customer requires a comprehensive analysis of user behavior. We provide the option to build a detailed view of your eCommerce store visitors and their preferences. This enables you to deliver a more shopper-friendly experience and strengthen your customer relationships.

Order Management

Reputation and Customer Satisfaction are key success factors for any eCommerce business. Swift and Uneventful delivery of orders yield happy customers to your business. We integrate a robust order management tool to manage and automate your routine processes like order capturing and validation, Billing, order shipment, acknowledgments, etc., to ensure your products get delivered to the right place, at the right time, to the right person.

Inventory Management

To ensure uninterrupted order management and keep your inventory fresh, an adequate supply chain is necessary. We integrate the right tools into your eCommerce website that will help you to feed your inventories with the right stock based on your quantity, place, time and cost requirements. Our Inventory management tool also sends extensive reports and low stock notifications at the right times to minimize your inventory costs.

Payment Confirmation

Clicking the final “submit payment” button for many customers can be a very stressful moment. Calm their nerves by not only displaying a payment confirmation page, but also by sending them an email confirming receipt of their payment. Provide your customers with tracking information once their order has shipped as well, so that they can feel at ease through the final step of the transaction.

Shipping Options

It’s essential for any successful eCommerce site to avoid using a single or flat rate for shipping. Different customers will want different shipping methods – some want their products to arrive immediately and others are fine with paying less for slower shipping. Since the checkout process is a significant investment of time and effort, allow customers to calculate the shipping costs directly from their shopping carts before they start going through the checkout process.

Marketing & Promotions

Promoting products using powerful Marketing strategies is crucial for any eCommerce business to influence potential buyers. People who shop online are used to eCommerce marketing campaigns including discounts, coupons, and more. Our marketing and promotional features help you target a set of customers with customized campaigns and sell your products more effectively.

Search Engine Optimisation

At RK Software Solutions every online store is designed and developed in accordance with the latest search engine guidelines. Our predefined SEO features enable customization of your website to the right keywords and product descriptions for better search engine rankings and conversions.

Analytics & Reporting

Analysis plays a vital role in the development of any eCommerce business. It includes understanding how shoppers are using your website, observing their purchasing process, probing the reasons for cart abandonment, and much more. Our pre-integrated analysis and reporting dashboard helps online store owners watch and scale crucial metrics like traffic, bounce rates, page views, click through rates, goals, and conversions to take better decisions to maximize website performance and conversions. You can schedule or export these reports to better manage your business.

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